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Play Street Hockey in Nagoya

He Shoot's, He Scores !
Bring back memories? How 'bout this one, eh?
or "Gaaame oooon."

Keep the memory alive and join us for a weekly game of street hockey (or if you prefer, ball hockey). Almost every week, a diverse group of international guys (and gals) take to the court underneath the overpass at the Wakamiya-Dori and Fushimi-Dori junction between Fushimi and Osu, for a good ol’ game.
Street Hockey in Nagoya
The level of play varies from week to week. Sometimes it is designated "advanced" or competitive and other weeks the level of play is more welcoming to beginners. Often, the level is determined based on the number of hard-core regulars available to play. However, the group always tries to provide a fair balance to ensure that newbies are welcome.

If you are interested in playing street hockey, your best bet for more info is to join the Nagoya Street Hockey Facebook Group where you can get information about levels and specific dates.

While this street hockey group is no longer directly organized by the TJCS, it was founded us and a number of TJCS members and leaders still take part, In addition, the TJCS has sponsored the group by providing some of the equipment they use.

Annual Kariya City Street Hockey Tournament

Also of interest to you hockey fans out there is the annual TJCS / Kariya City Street Hockey Tournament which takes place each November.

Kariya City and the Kariya International Friendship Association has a very active relationship with their sister city, Mississauga, Ontario. A contingent of street hockey players often make the journey from Mississauga to participate in the tournament. Please feel free to come out and make them feel welcome and also to participate in the tournament!
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