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By Site Admin 26 Sep, 2017
We would like to take this opportunity to again express our appreciation to all Corporate and Small Business Members of the TJCS, for their continued support of the Tokai Japan Canada Society.

Throughout the month of August, our Directors and Senior Leadership traveled to a number of locations in Aichi to visit our Corporate members. The contingent included:
  • James Hedden, TJCS President
  • Koji Idei, TJCS Vice President
  • Bruce McCaughan, TJCS Vice President
  • Chénier La Salle , TJCS Honourary Vice-Chairman; and Senior Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya
By Site Admin 20 Jun, 2016

In the 2nd installment of its "Explore Canada" series, the Tokai Japan Canada Society’s Business Committee brought together a diverse group of over 60 individuals for an exclusively Canadian Wine Tasting event.

Participants were able to sample 12 different Canadian wines from top wineries in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, as well as a variety of delicious hors d’oeuvres made with distinctly Canadian ingredients. 

By Site Admin 18 Mar, 2014
Date: Friday, 21 February, 2014
Speaker: Mr. Yasuo Aramoto, President of Selco Home Co., Ltd.

Selco Home, a company founded in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, has sold over 15,000 Canadian houses in Japan. Selco's Vice Chairman, Mr. Aramoto has experienced the struggle of dealing with regulations and laws of the Japanese government when they began of importing Canadian houses to Japan. A challenge exemplified during and after the Great Tohoku Earthquake.
By Site Admin 18 Jan, 2013
1st TJCS New Year Party
Also known simply in Japan as the Shin-nen-kai (New Year Party)
"TJCS Celebrates 2013 and Welcomes the new Canadian Ambassador".

Our Canadian ambassador, Mr. Mackenzie Clugston, who was formally inaugurated on Sep 12th, 2012 was invited to this event at the Nagoya Hilton on January 16th, 2013.
By Site Admin 30 Sep, 2012
Date: 2012-09-28 (Fri)
Speaker: Mr. Paul J. Thoppil, Minister (Commercial), Embassy of Canada in Tokyo
By Site Admin 30 Apr, 2012
The Tokai Japan Canada Society and its Business Committee were very pleased to welcome recently appointed Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner, Mr. Matt Fraser who gave a compelling presentation.
By Site Admin 14 Sep, 2011
Date: 2011-09-07, Wed.
Venue: WINC Aichi, Room # 1204

Ms. Nao Geisler , President, Geisler Group, Kakuozan International Preschool.
Mr. Darrell Harris , Manager of the Secretarial Section Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc.
Ms. Michiyo Yakushiji , M.D., Graduate School Professor, Aichi Mizuho College
Mr. Hisashi Yokoi , Labor and Social Security Attorney & President of NPO BitL
By Site Admin 06 Jul, 2011
TJCS Business Committee would like to report a very successful event held on June 29, 2011 with Mr.Shigeru Hayakawa from Toyota Motor Corporation at WINC Aichi.

We thank you for all your interest and attendance. For those who were not able to attend this time, we look forward to seeing you at the next speech event!
By Site Admin 26 Jan, 2011
The TJCS Business committee would like to report another very successful installment in our Canada Means Business speaking eventseries.  
This event, held on January 26, 2011 at WINC Aichi, featured an informative presentation and discussion on the Aerospace Industry in Japan as delivered by our featured guests Mr. Gregory Robinson from Bombardier and Mr. Michael Wright from Pratt & Whitney.
We thank you for all your interest and attendance. For those who were not able to attend this time, we look forward to seeing you at the next speech event!

Speakers' Comments:

Mr.Gregory Robinson from Bombardier
This event was extremely informative from Mike's presentation through to the group question and answer session. It truly was a value added evening. Thank you to you and all the participants.

Mr.Michael Wright from Pratt & Whitney
The event provided a great opportunity to help others understand my company and also provide discussion about current Aerospace issues and the relation to the Japan Aerospace Industry. Thank you for the event!

Participants' Comments

  • "Advice for small/medium sized Japanese companies was very useful."
  • "I was greatly encouraged by the both speakers hopes for Japanese industry."
  • "Was a great event. Thank you!"
  • "I'd like to join the next time, too."
  • "Excellent! Need a larger room."  
It was wonderful to see a full house. All seats were filled resulting in standing room only for many attendees. Thanks again for attending and for assisting in a successful event.
By Site Admin 07 Nov, 2009
" Mistakes are a part of life. It's your response to error that counts. "
- Nikki Giovanni, Poet

We are pleased to announce another successful event, the second volume in Canada Means Business; Speakers Corner series was held on Thursday November 5th with over 25 attendees from Japan, Canada, USA and Australia.
By Site Admin 20 Jun, 2009
Thank you to all who attended this event, the first of our new series;
TJCS Canada Means Business .

The Canadian Consul for Nagoya, Allan Edwards gave an informative presentation on the history of Japan/Canada international trade relations and the latest on Free Trade talks between our two great nations. As well he discussed the current global meltdown and the theories on why Canada has weathered the storm better compared to other G20 nations due to a strong banking sector and more conservative approach to the money markets.

The presentation was well attended and lasted right up to the 8:30 event closing time. Attendees enjoyed the entertaining, yet poignant discussion which was followed with a Q & A.

We hope to see you soon at the next speaking event on November 5th, details coming soon!


" Very informative! ... Allan's presentation on Free Trade helped open my eyes to my own country!! "
-Charles Lelliott,
TTM Communication Center

Canada Means Business

Canada means Business (CMB) is a series of events that focuses on the current business environment between Canada and Japan. Business and community leaders are invited to share their views and expertise in a keynote style presentation on various issues facing both countries.
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