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TJCS - We Want You!

The quality and success of the society is largely a reflection of the quality members it attracts and represents. The TJCS cordially invites those individuals and organizations that share our desire to improve social, cultural and business relations between Canada and the Tokai region to apply for membership today.

TJCS Membership Overview

Becoming a member will allow you to attend various social, cultural and business events organized or sponsored by the TJCS. As the TJCS grows, members who get involved with committees can help shape the future direction of the society through their work, effort and ideas.

The TJCS strongly encourages participation of its members as an excellent way to meet new people and network while supporting the goals and aims of the society. Whether it is a social, cultural or business event, the TJCS will strive to enrich the social and cultural understanding of Canada and Japan for its members and provide effective networking opportunities in an attempt to initiate and nurture new business relations. 

Apply for membership today and help promote a greater social, cultural and commercial understanding of Canada and Japan to our members.
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