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TJCS Membership Eligibility

The TJCS welcomes membership applications from Canadians, Japanese and other nationalities who are a resident of the Tokai region and who have an interest in the goals and objectives of the society. TJCS Membership Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for good reasons in view of the purpose of the society.

TJCS Member Benefits and Services

Some of the benefits and services our valued members will receive upon membership into the society include:
  • Social, cultural and business promotion opportunities delivered or sponsored by the TJCS 
  • Regular communication of event information and access to events at member prices 
  • Periodic communication to our members regarding social, cultural, and business issues that are relevant and noteworthy 
  • Networking opportunities initiated by the TJCS 
  • Member to member referrals among corporate members (at member's discretion) 
  • Periodic social, cultural and business events hosted by the TJCS at the Canadian Consulate and other facilities 
  • Access to information and resources provided by the TJCS, its partners and its members 
  • Practical and informative seminars and guest speaker events organized, sponsored or referred by the TJCS 
  • Opportunity to participate in the development of TJCS goals and aims through committee involvement 
  • Access to a forum of like-minded individuals and organizations to promote and present issues of a social, cultural or commercial nature 
  • Inclusion in the TJCS Membership Directory
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